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The work battle is not the same for everyone

The work battle is not the same for everyone

Sometimes we forget that the world of work has been created by a very small percentage of predominantly privileged white men. When we read the stories of how they succeeded and internalise how their drive, morning routines, long hours and consistency got them to where they are, we forget all of the things they didn't have to battle to show up every day. I can't speak for everyone else but personally, every day I battle my hormonal state that naturally fluctuates every month, my 4-month-old baby who dictates how much sleep I get, the kitchen floors and countertops after my whirlwind...

Making facts and experience great again

Making facts great again

I watched the movie Idiocracy years ago on the recommendation of a friend.  It is a silly 20's comedy starring Luke Wilson and Rosie Perez.  The premise is that the entire population has become less and less intelligent over time.  The idiotic problems this causes is thrown into sharp relief by the arrival of unintentional time travellers from the past. With every passing year, this movie starts to feel more like reality and that is a very scary thing. Right now we are in a situation where audience is more important than anything else.  This means that anyone who can entertain now has...