Custom Web Design

I’ve been creating beautiful, custom websites with WordPress for clients for over 20 years.  While I love the speed and connection involved in Co-Creation, some projects need deeper and more customised design.  These projects have been incredibly varied over the years ranging from building out concept designs from graphic designers to full scale partnering to design, build and launch a client’s entire business.  If you have a project you would like to discuss – book a discovery call for a free, no obligation chat.

Who I’ve Worked With

The range of projects I’ve worked on is quite varied but here are a few custom design project types that I’ve enjoyed working on over the years. 

Graphic Designers

One of my favourite ways to work is with talented graphic designers who have a great vision but need a web designer to bring it to life.  So many of my favourite design projects where brought to life as a collaboration with graphic designers.  Because I have worked on all sides of the graphic & web design world, I work closely with the designer to make sure their design is crafted into a pixel perfect website for their clients.

Examples of collaborative websites:

Trading Online Voucher

If you have been trading as a business for at least 6 months and would like to start selling your products or services online – the Trading Online Voucher could be perfect for you.  Your LEO will match fund up to €2,500 towards creating an eCommerce website. For products this can seem obvious but for services – trading online can mean payment for services online, courses, memberships, professional scheduler.  The options are endless and I love helping my clients get the best use out of their voucher.

Examples of TOV Projects:

Creative Spark Clients ✨

Lastly, I’ve loved working with clients who needed help and advice with restructuring, re-design or re-aligning their business.  We all know that feeling when things get a little stale and old but it is so hard to know what to do to remedy it.  Bring in a creative chaos brain.  One of my favourite things to do is to work with incredible business owners to find that unique spark of genius in their work and help them highlight it so we can light the fuse of their brilliance.  If you would like a creative and exciting take on your business – let’s have a chat to see what magic we can create ✨

Examples of creative spark clients: 

Orla has been a rock and a gemstone in the evolution of me and my online business

“Not only was she with me every step of the way with her strategic and technical expertise, but she was a creative and intuitive genius who got me, understood where I wanted to go with the course and she expanded and enhanced every single step of that launch with me.”

Nadine McCarthy

The Celtic Leader

It was very enjoyable to be part of developing my website

“Orla was amazing and offered a great service. She listened to my needs and delivered an excellent service. It was also very enjoyable to be part of developing my website as Orla is excellent one to one. Everybody has commented on my website, it is so professional and easy to move between pages.”

Judy Carmody

Author & Speaker

I found her approach highly intuitive

“Orla took my website to the next level, she’s a CSS genius! She’s easy to communicate with, she listens and she heard exactly what I wanted, which is rare in the world of web design. She also works fast, smart and crafts the small finishing touches that make the big difference to the overall look and feel. Don’t hesitate to book something with her – you won’t regret it.”

Abby Wynne

Shamanic Psychotherapist & Energy Healer

Why work with me?

Orla Fitz Outsourced Business Partner

20 years as a freelance business consultant, web and graphic designer helping small businesses and coaches get their business online. 

A solid head for business – BBS Economics & Finance & Business Innovation Management.

Professional coaching training with Aspire Coaching and working towards ICF accreditation. 

Experience in the startup scene and successfully prototyped business ideas through two startup incubators.

Let's have a chat!

If you would like to have a quick, no obligation chat to see if we are a good fit to work together - it is all about chemistry when it comes to custom design - book a 30 minute discovery call  🗓️.

These calls are informal and relaxed, so don't worry about having all of your ducks in a row.  If either of us feel we are not a good fit to work together, I'll be happy to advise you on the right path for you!