Decode The Coach

Would you like to know what makes other coaches tick?  What they are thinking, how they are living and what is working for them?  Yeah, so would I!

Decode the coach is a simple weekly one question anonymous survey sent around to a list of coaches and a weekly insights post that digs into the responses.  I am looking forward to exploring the common themes, rituals, best practices, stereotypes, biases etc… opening up discussion and expanding the frontiers of what we believe we ‘should be’ as coaches, business owners and as members of society.

Some of these questions will be light, some will be heavy – all responses will be anonymous so we can be completely honest and enjoy our expanded understanding of both ourselves and each other.

Responding to each survey question is optional but it does give you a sense of ownership of the data. You can also submit questions you would like to know the answer to!  All data will be freely available to everyone on the list and more we grow, the deeper the insight so please do share this with any coaches you know ❤️ 

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Survey Results & News

Do coaches have a consistent daily mindfulness practice?

Another week, another survey and I am glad to say that I am really enjoying these - they are like a little tiny glimpse into the lives of coaches 🔍. A consistent mindfulness practice is something I have struggled with for years but but long to put in place.  I have...

Decode Mindfulness Results

The most valuable social platforms for coaches

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this weeks survey.  As someone just dipping her toes back into proper social engagement again, it was extremely interesting to me and the results came in almost exactly as I expected.  For those that didn't see the...

Most valuable social platforms for coaches

How many hours do coaches work per week?

This is the first week of this new little project "Decode The Coach", a simple one or two question weekly survey to get a snapshot of where coaches are in their business and life.  We spend so much time helping other people deconstruct their problems - wouldn't it...

Decode-Hours Worked (900 x 600 px)