About Me

Designer, strategist, quiet chaos merchant, mom, confounded by the infinite quest for both curiosity & clarity.

I was a freelance web designer for 20 years a web designer, hustling hard from project to project and coming last in the list of priorities in my life (Urgent client calls on Christmas Day, tapping on my keyboard in my hospital bed after having my first baby).  As the landscape of web design changed, costs spiralled and expectations inflated, it became an unsustainable career so I had to take the difficult decision to wind it up for my own sanity.  The relief has been palpable.

I have a BBS in Economics & Finance and a Postgrad in Business Innovation Management.  I love prototyping ideas, exploring sustainable business models and making complex concepts accessible for all. 

When I’m not working, daydreaming or taking care of my two monkeys under 4 – I am painting.  Aimless, delicious, self-indulgent, purposeless painting.

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