Self employment should be supportive, fulfilling and exciting - not draining and isolating.

My aim is to help women create aligned, beautiful & balanced businesses that feel sustainable – not depleting. Lets create your beautiful online presence through exciting live co-creation sessions or custom web design ✨.  Feel supported, empowered and learn the skills to thrive through consultancy & coaching. 

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What starts as a simple task of creating a website often mushrooms into a confusing tangle of terms, choices and services are hard to understand. Exploring your idea, creating a vision and online space for your business can feel daunting, but having someone who has dealt with all facets of this industry by your side can turn this journey into a fun, fast, and fascinating adventure.

I bring a unique blend of design, coaching, strategy, intuition, and commercial experience to help you co-create an online space that truly embodies your essence, resonates with your audience, and helps you achieve your business goals.

Say goodbye to confusion and hello to a supportive, fun and empowering experience to bring your vision to life. 


Starting your business should be exciting – not an endless series of decisions that you have to make alone and in fear of what you don’t know. Save time, money and sanity with live, intuitive and exciting Co-Creation services for your online presence.

Custom Web Design

I’ve been creating beautiful, custom websites with WordPress for clients for over 20 years and these have been incredibly varied over the years ranging from building out concept designs from graphic designers to full scale partnering to design, build and launch a client’s entire business.


Consultation options are incredibly varied – basically anything that you are struggling with and could do with an expert, independent and supportive expert to help you resolve.  Consulting differs from coaching as it is based on a very specific deliverable or outcome that I actively help you create. From brainstorming course ideas, to business modeling and creating a design brief for a bigger project – book your dedicated 90 minute session for your business. 


Every single one of us has a deep and innate sense of who we are and what we should be doing in this world, however, that inner knowing is burried under layers of ‘shoulds’, expectations and disappointments.  My job as a coach is to help you remove the layers of doubt, fear and distress by providing an active and intuitive listening ear.  You have all of the answers within you but it can be hard to hear them with all of the noise.   Are you ready to unlock your spark of genius?

Free Discovery Call

If you are interested in having a chat to see if what I do is the right fit for you – book a free 30-minute discovery session. 

This is a ‘hard sales’ free zone as the purpose of this session is for both of us to see if we are a good fit to work together.  I hate feeling like I am being pushed into something, so I never do that with clients.  Life is too short to work with people you don’t connect with 🙂.  If we are not a good fit, I will give you independent, unbiased recommendations for your next steps.  If we are a good fit, let’s get ready to make magic together 🪄✨