Client Work

Nadine McCarthy

It was time for an online presence overhaul of Nadine McCarthy.  Already having an exceptional high performance coaching business, she was looking for opportunities to bring her exceptionally successful performance boosting methods and coaching to a wider audience.  We worked closely to create a beautiful membership portal website that allows users to subscribe by the month or by the year.  It was a real privilege to work with someone as knowledgeable, genuine and ambitious as Nadine.

Membership Website

The key feature of this website is that users need to sign up for a membership to a set of exercises and meditations.  The memberships needed to run by the month and by the year with the option of potentially including one off purchases.  This requires a completely different type of eCommerce integrated with the Stripe payment gateway.

Logo Design

Creating a new brand to represent Nadine’s strong celtic roots without leaning too far into cliche was the main challenge on this project.  Through several iterations we hit gold – literally. The colours and the design came together beautifully to create a soft yet strong statement brand that the client was delighted with.

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