Decode The Coach

Do coaches have a consistent daily mindfulness practice?

Decode Mindfulness Results

Another week, another survey and I am glad to say that I am really enjoying these - they are like a little tiny glimpse into the lives of coaches 🔍. A consistent mindfulness practice is something I have struggled with for years but but long to put in place.  I have tried to meditate in many guises, some worked for a time but all have fallen away eventually - victims to my restless mind.  What I was most looking forward to in this survey was the comments - to see what other coaches do as part of their daily mindfulness.  Firstly though, the numbers - 78% answered Yes - they do have a...

The most valuable social platforms for coaches

Most valuable social platforms for coaches

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this weeks survey.  As someone just dipping her toes back into proper social engagement again, it was extremely interesting to me and the results came in almost exactly as I expected.  For those that didn't see the survey - the question asked last week was a two parter: What social networks do you use for your business & What social network do you find MOST BENEFICIAL professionally? LinkedIn by far out ranked all other platforms in terms of being the most beneficial platform for coaching businesses with Instagram coming in second. ...

How many hours do coaches work per week?

Decode-Hours Worked (900 x 600 px)

This is the first week of this new little project "Decode The Coach", a simple one or two question weekly survey to get a snapshot of where coaches are in their business and life.  We spend so much time helping other people deconstruct their problems - wouldn't it be nice to benchmark our own experiences against other coaches and consultants.  I am going to trial out this little 'lab' idea for a month to see if there is much engagement and if it is of interest to coaches.  Something I am grappling with is perhaps it would be more useful if it was a general 'self employment' survey - I...