Revolutionising Web Creation: How Co-Creation Compares to Traditional Design

Cocreation vs Traditional web design

Hello there, incase you are new here -  my name is Orla and for about 20 years I was a traditional, freelance web and graphic designer. I started with html & CSS and eventually became a custom Wordpress website designer. Change has always been an intrinsic part of my industry but the pace of change lately has been astounding. New technologies, expanded knowledge, tightening regulations and minuscule attention spans have fundamentally changed the face of business. My own life changed fundamentally, becoming a parent twice and learning about my own neuro-divergency made me question how...

Technology’s potential to enhance the best of our nature instead of inflaming the worst

Technology's potential to enhance the best of our nature instead of inflame the worst

Probably the biggest battle for productivity is fighting the barrage of psychologically manipulative social technologies that have been designed to make us feel we are not enough, have missed out and need to keep clicking. I have always struggled to harness the never-ending stream of thoughts and ideas that course through my brain.  Social media bombards me with even more ideas, thoughts and feelings I could live without. I also have a very distorted view of time and reality.  This means that I feel like I can tackle every single one of those ideas all of the time.  While this is exciting...