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Design & consultancy to help you calm your chaos

Together, we’ll craft an online space that perfectly reflects your vision, amplifies your voice and connects with your audience in a meaningful way. From design to content to strategy, let’s co-create an online presence that truly represents who you are and what you have to offer. Get ready to showcase your talents and leave a lasting impression in the vast digital landscape!


Over my 20 years as a web designer I often ended up in the position of unofficial ‘business partner’ to many of my clients.  I love connecting and helping incredible creators make sense of their idea, problem or confusion.  Book in for a 1 hour session if you need an independent, supportive and experienced consultation.  Book Consultation

Done In A Day

Exciting and fun half day co-creation sessions to build out your brand or website live.  I love custom design as much as the next designer but sometimes – it is not the right path.  Sometimes, it can be fast and fun.  The beauty of these session is that you are part of the design, decision making is fast and your project is built live with you. This gives you the confidence and freedom to manage and grow your website as your idea or business evolves.

There is a platform for every budget and skill level so book in for an initial 1 hour consultancy session to discuss your project and decide the path that is right for you.  If you decide not to go ahead with the DIAD session – you will have recommendations on the best next steps for your unique situation.
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Custom Design

I do a limited number of custom website design projects for my clients, including helping them build out courses, membership sites and ecommerce platforms.  I don’t always have the availability or suitability for these projects but I am more than happy to discuss your project with you and give you independent, experienced advice on the right path for your project. Book Consultation

Book A Consultation

€100 (incl VAT)

If you would like independent advice or to discuss your project, the first step is to book in for a 1 hour consultation.  You will receive a written report with all the details of our call so you can just focus on telling your story and asking the questions you need answered.

Consultations are held on zoom, they are recorded so I can provide you with detailed notes. The recording is deleted once the notes have been sent to you.