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Struggling to decide what to do next?

Harnessing chaos to create clarity

Being in business alone doesn't have to mean making all the decisions alone.  If you are trying to decide what business to start, considering a new idea or need help with an existing business that no longer lights you up - let's chat!

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Genius In The Chaos

It’s in there – we both know it!  The first step is acceptance and exploration of your unique flavour of chaos so we can find that little pearl of genius that makes you shine!

Choosing A Path

Once we know where we are going, we need to choose one path from the options available to us.  The accessible and exciting path… yeah… that’s the one we want.

Spark Action

We need to test that path by choosing one concrete action to prototype.  No more blind faith – we light the spark of your genius to illuminate your next steps.

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Who is Orla?

 I have been where you are, and likely will be again – chaos is a part of my nature (hands up my ADHD buddies!) but I’ve learned how to accept, understand and harness it.  

20 years a web designer so believe me I know how it feels to feel suffocated by a web of incomplete side hustles and dreams.

I have a BBS in Economics & Finance and a Postgrad in Business Innovation Management.  I love turning ideas into sustainable businesses.  

When I’m not working or taking care of my two monkeys under 3 – I am painting.  Aimless, delicious, self-indulgent painting(Yup – this piece of chaos in the background is one of the first paintings I did)

How I Work

I have spent the better part of a decade helping my clients to clarify and articulate their vision for their businesses.  It is deeply satisfying and exciting work to be part of transforming someones idea or problem into a sustainable business that nourishes, not depletes them.  For that to happen, we both need to feel open, comfortable and trust each other.  This is an overview of how I work so you can decide if I am the right person for you to consider working with.

Each Client Is Unique

I don't have a fixed plan, system or advice in advance.  Every single client has different needs and resources so I work on a one to one basis with them to create give advice or create a plan that is perfect for their situation.

I come from a multi-disciplinary background, bringing a unique mix of design, strategy, technical and industry knowledge as well as creative intuition and empathy.  From finance to architectural design to startups and eventually running a web design agency - I am a perpetual idea magnet and creator.  Some people call this multi-passionate but I've always preferred the term Renaissance Soul (Ref: Margaret Lobenstein).  If you need a fresh perspective, a voice of experience and support to make an exciting yet achievable change - you've come to the right place.

Tangible Results

Every client is unique - that word is overused but the point of getting one-to-one help is that your situation is unique and you need personalised help - not to feel like a cog in a marketing machine waiting for an answer from a moderator in a community platform.  However, I do find most issues fit into a simple four-part framework:

  1. Discover:  What is the problem?
  2. Plan:  Create a plan to solve the problem identified.
  3. Act:  Create a prototype to test if our plan resolves the problem.
  4. Evaluate: What we learned and decide on the next steps for either growth or adjustment?

Some examples of prototypes we have created are:

  • A sales page to test demand for a new course, service, idea or product.
  • A detailed project plan for clients to self-build an online presence within a predefined budget.
  • An attainable innovation strategy to breathe excitement and sustainability into an existing business.

If this sounds good to you - book a free 45 minute exploratory chat:

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Choose Clarity - Not Chaos!

Getting clarity around your chaos is big work and you want to make sure that I am the right person to help guide you.

This is a free 45 minute exploratory session, there is no pressure to continue to work with me, in fact, I might suggest an entirely different path for you!

I hate booking a chat with someone and not knowing what I am signing up for - check out How I Work so you have all the facts up front.

What have you got to lose (except all that chaos)?

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