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Making facts and experience great again

Making facts great again

I watched the movie Idiocracy years ago on the recommendation of a friend.  It is a silly 20's comedy starring Luke Wilson and Rosie Perez.  The premise is that the entire population has become less and less intelligent over time.  The idiotic problems this causes is thrown into sharp relief by the arrival of unintentional time travellers from the past. With every passing year, this movie starts to feel more like reality and that is a very scary thing. Right now we are in a situation where audience is more important than anything else.  This means that anyone who can entertain now has...

Dreaming of a Crypto Utopia

Dreaming of a Crypto Utopia

Despite understanding and appreciating the value of crypto early on, I've been slow to invest. I was never in the financial position to roll the dice on it.  I was told to invest in Bitcoin when it was €100 per coin but for so many silly reasons I didn't.  As of today, it is €34,374 - I can't lie, that hurts a little. The thing about not investing early on, was that at every point I revisited it, it seemed like I had missed the boat.  I felt that I didn't have the time to dive deeply enough into it and am just not a gambler so I put it aside repeatedly - I only bet what I can afford to...