Technology’s potential to enhance the best of our nature instead of inflaming the worst

Technology's potential to enhance the best of our nature instead of inflame the worst

Probably the biggest battle for productivity is fighting the barrage of psychologically manipulative social technologies that have been designed to make us feel we are not enough, have missed out and need to keep clicking. I have always struggled to harness the never-ending stream of thoughts and ideas that course through my brain.  Social media bombards me with even more ideas, thoughts and feelings I could live without. I also have a very distorted view of time and reality.  This means that I feel like I can tackle every single one of those ideas all of the time.  While this is exciting...

A platform to discover the other side of the story

Discovering The Other Side Of The Story

I really love when I hear a story from a perspective I had not considered before. Even if I don't agree with it, understanding where that person is coming from expands the outer reaches of the discussion. It is not always easy to hear and I haven't always heard the other side with grace - especially in the heat of the moment.  I think it is too much to expect people to instantly be accepting of ideas that oppose their worldview without time to reflect.  Just because a response is possible immediately, doesn't mean it should be expected. I would love to see a platform that acts as a...

Letting curiosity play to discover passion

Letting curiosity play to discover passion

The current obsession seems to be with putting ourselves into niches.  Nice little buckets to contain us so others can easily understand us before the 5-second rule expires and they flit to the next article, image or video.  The advice tends to run along the following lines: stay in your lane but stand out. All I seem to encounter these days are articles of 'definitive lists' or 'why you're wrong about...".  Everyone is attempting to be the absolute authority, attract the eyeballs and lull them into your commercial web.  Don't forget the juicy formulaic title "5 proven steps to earn €1bn...