Thriving Divergent


Thriving Divergent is a community for learning, acceptance and community for Adults with ADHD.  

I was diagnosed at 40 with inattentive ADHD and I can honestly say that while the realisation and transition was not easy, it has been life-changing for me.  

I took Jane Hehir’s CBT for Adult ADHD course not long after diagnosis and found it so valuable that I never left.  With Thriving Divergent, Jane and I are working on facilitating more high-impact, live and community-focused courses to improve the lives of adults with ADHD.  

Check out our first course CBT for Adult ADHD that helps anyone either considering an ADHD diagnosis, dealing with a family member or loved one with ADHD or has an ADHD diagnosis themselves learn how to take control of their ‘race car brain’ – a foundational skill for any one but especially for adults with ADHD.