06/09/17 – Day 2

This was a pretty cool evening – I had already done the basics HTML & CSS sections of camp pretty quickly on the first day – after 10 years working as a web designer I would want to be able to breeze through those.  Today I’ve put just shy of 2 hours into the course and I finished Bootstrap and jQuery.  It really was a bit of a thrill actually – I had never explored either of those before which it is something I am a little ashamed of.  I’ve never needed to badly enough – WordPress tends to dumb you down a little with plugins for advanced functionality.  Bootstrap was quite the eye opener as to how much CSS you can cut down on – how much faster would my designing have been with bootstrap!

I also set up my very first Codepen account and tomorrow I will be starting my first project – creating a tribute page.  Now I need to figure out who or what to do the tribute page to!

06/09/17 – Day 4

Yes – I skipped yesterday – feeling pretty annoyed with myself about that so made a pact with himself that we would encourage me to just do a half hour every day.  That tactic worked this evening as I actually sat down at 8:15 and got started – it is now 9:45 so I’ve put in an hour and a half.  I got my Tribute page all planned out and then I realised that I really don’t know Bootstrap at all!!!  How lovely so the big realisation for today is that I am going to have to do a lot of outside learning beyond FreeCodeCamp but that FreeCodeCamp will give me a really great intro and overview of the new areas I need to learn.  So I’ve now taken myself off over to Lynda.com to do the Bootstrap 4 essentials course… I still don’t have a broadband connection so am waiting for the course files to download over my mobile data…. fun.  It may be time to sign off the computer for tonight methinks.

12/09/17 – Day 10

I am finding consistency very difficult even though I know it is the key to success with anything.  It was a good few days before I knucked down again to the Lynda Bootstrap course.  Bootstrap is a whole new world to me – I cannot believe that I didn’t learn it before now.  I know it doesn’t really work with Divi but it is an incredible piece of kit – I will definitely have to start developing some sites using underscores and bootstrap to see what is possible without all the builder bloat.  It has been a very busy few days trying to catch up with work so programming hours are way down.  Hopefully by the end of the week I will have made more significant progress with the catchup and launching the new portfolio site so I can dedicate more hours to programming next week.

14/09/17 – Day 12

Ok – so it is Thursday night… late.  A bit late on my update but I did do a half hour yesterday and another 40 minutes today which may not seem like much but for me – someone who usually drops out of routine after a few days – that is freakin amazing!  The eyes are hanging out of my head this evening and I still knuckled down to a half hour to finish off the navigation chapter of Bootstrap.  It took me two evenings to get through this – I really do need to find more time for this and earlier in the day.  Newly learned today:  Aria attributes – I had never heard of them before!  Much more research is needed but at least I am aware of them now.

One other thing that I did is I started the Learning How To Learn MOOC with Coursera and UC Berkley.  Fascinating – I never knew about focused and diffuse learning and the importance of both exercise and sleep for learning… looking forward to week two of that course already!

Week 1 Review

This was not a particularly well structured week but I am glad that I decided to dive deeper into Bootstrap – it is pretty powerful.  I will finish this course this week and build a few apps just using Bootstrap & inline CSS next week.  Its slow but sure progress … that is progress by itself for me!



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