This has been a long running debate for me – whether to start learning programming.  I touch off the borders of programming in my every day work as a website designer and have always had a strong interest in travelling further down the programming line.

I love working on new ideas and bringing them to life but I genuinely hate the promotion side.  Marketing, sales and networking in all their glory just turn me cold and always have done.  I have spent the last few years trying to force myself into that box so I feel like now it is time for me to tip toe quietly towards the back end of building.

I am not the kind of person who is content to give someone a command and let them off – I tend to like to tinker and build things myself.  I like to know how things work and have a never ending appetite for learning.  So what has stopped me you might ask – well I find numbers difficult – not the logic behind them but the actual numbers themselves.  They tend to jump around the page on me.  I always knew how to solve the math problem but still came out with the wrong answer.  This really frustrated my bosses when I worked in fund administration – a job that requires attention to detail.

After many years of thinking I was just bad at maths – I’ve discovered that I just have difficulty with numbers.  By knowing that, I’ve realised that I just need to slow down and be more patient when I encounter numbers and use the available technology to calculate where possible.  I’ve never been diagnosed but am assuming this is some form of numerical dyslexia.

Anyway – back to the task at hand.  Why learn how to code and what is my goal here.  Well – simply put – I want to be able to create the ideas I have been hatching for years and also help others bring their ideas that I believe in to life.  After starting and stopping with lots of courses I’ve decided to follow through the program to give me a good overview and get my hands dirty with the coding.

I am toying with following along with CS50 too at to get the computer science basics covered but I don’t want to be too overly ambitious and not get anything done at all.

Wednesday seems like as good a day as any to check in with myself here and keep myself accountable. Week 1 of my programming journey here I come…

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