Letting curiosity play to discover passion

Letting curiosity play to discover passion

The current obsession seems to be with putting ourselves into niches.  Nice little buckets to contain us so others can easily understand us before the 5-second rule expires and they flit to the next article, image or video.  The advice tends to run along the following lines: stay in your lane but stand out.

All I seem to encounter these days are articles of ‘definitive lists’ or ‘why you’re wrong about…”.  Everyone is attempting to be the absolute authority, attract the eyeballs and lull them into your commercial web.  Don’t forget the juicy formulaic title “5 proven steps to earn €1bn per month while sitting on your arse”.  Riiiiiight….

What about the people who can’t pick a bucket.  Are they doomed to obscurity for having too wide a field of curiosity to be contained?  I want an adult playground, a place I can explore where my brain goes, see what piques my interest, probe further into interesting ideas.

So I’m deleting my categories and just going to work with tags in future – lovely loose tags.

Like tea leaves – I wonder what they will show me.  What alchemy will occur from my frowned upon open-ended, purposeless writing?

We shall see…

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