A platform to discover the other side of the story

Discovering The Other Side Of The Story

I really love when I hear a story from a perspective I had not considered before.

Even if I don’t agree with it, understanding where that person is coming from expands the outer reaches of the discussion.

It is not always easy to hear and I haven’t always heard the other side with grace – especially in the heat of the moment.  I think it is too much to expect people to instantly be accepting of ideas that oppose their worldview without time to reflect.  Just because a response is possible immediately, doesn’t mean it should be expected.

I would love to see a platform that acts as a mediator for arguments by allowing different well-constructed arguments to sit together.   It would have to be highly vetted yet accessible.  No one wants to hear someone else’s unfounded rant but rather, a well thought through argument – like a professional debate that allows the space to consider all sides.

A platform like this would also give the space to disprove lies and exaggerations so grandstanding and gaslighting would be discouraged (in as far as possible).

I’m tired of cancel culture.  Instead, I would love to see a platform that encourages people to really consider each other’s viewpoints and feel comfortable with evolving their point of view in public.  Search engines have a lot to answer for when it comes to cancel culture.  Once something has been said, it is imprinted in the great wayback machine of the internet for all time and for anyone to misconstrue or use as a blunt instrument to suit their agenda.  What about allowing people to evolve and celebrating them for doing so?

I’d love to see quick, visual introductions to the debate or conflict so I could choose to dig down deeper into the discussion to understand both sides.  I’d love the opinions of those with proven experience of the situation and the ability to communicate their viewpoint well or have it documented for them.

Something like this must exist – please point me to it!

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