So as you might have gathered week 2 did not go so well for me and was never blogged about – in fact I was quite close to not blogging either this week but that would just be defeatist.

Week 3 Achievements

  • I finished the Lynda Bootstrap course
  • I completed the Khan Academy Binary & Hexadecimal number systems
  • I built out my Empire Records tribute page

Struggles with Bootstrap

I really struggled this week and found myself questioning if I could do this when really what I realised was that although I do appreciate how powerful Bootstrap is – it is a whole new way of working with styles that abstracts away much of the creative side of building front end interfaces.  I’ve come from a design first background so I love the creative freedom over colour choice, padding and layout and find the restrictions of Bootstrap frustrating.

I was eager use as much Bootstrap as I could for my Empire Records tribute page but found I was constantly reverting back to CSS.   I did want to use it to create the mobile menu but after hours of struggle in Codepen I discovered the settings library importers are not brilliant so I built out the page using vsCode with the CDN’s for the library and then pasted it back into Codepen.  That took me too nights of sweat and frustration to figure out – I just though I was stupid and not able for this before I found the threads recommending that you build in your own editor and then paste into Codepen – this really should be highlighted.  I will be doing this in future as it also gave me a great insight into how to integrate the libraries into working projects.

Empire Records Tribute Page


Overall – I am really happy with my Empire Records tribute page and you can have a peep at it here:  I fell into a pool of nostalgia so deep that I’ve had the soundtrack on repeat for days on end.  This combined with recently having moved home to where I grew up during my formative teenage years – the project was an entirely immersive 90’s throw back.

I didn’t overdo it on the styling and content as I feel like I need to move on from this stage of the course rather than falling back on what I know how to do already (Bootstrap aside).  I was hoping that I could put my new portfolio website up in place of the portfolio project in Codepen but that doesn’t seem possible so I will just create a lite version of the fullsite: using as much Bootstrap as possible.  Fingers crossed that will be ready tomorrow.

Learning Binary & Hexadecimal

A really rewarding part of this week was finally gaining a good understanding of Binary and Hexadecimal.  Thank you Bits, Bytes, Building With Binary from baseCS and The Khan Academy’s Binary and Hexadecimal number systems.  I went back to primary school maths that I had completely forgotten – like how to multiply large numbers.  It really was rewarding to deep dive into Binary and I feel like I’ve cracked open a little knowledge chasm and peered into the world of maths that I have always thought I do not belong to.  Little clap on the back for me :-).

Overall – OK week but the main thing is – am still working on it and making progress… regardless of how slow!

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