Do coaches have a consistent daily mindfulness practice?

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Another week, another survey and I am glad to say that I am really enjoying these – they are like a little tiny glimpse into the lives of coaches 🔍.

A consistent mindfulness practice is something I have struggled with for years but but long to put in place.  I have tried to meditate in many guises, some worked for a time but all have fallen away eventually – victims to my restless mind.  What I was most looking forward to in this survey was the comments – to see what other coaches do as part of their daily mindfulness.  Firstly though, the numbers – 78% answered Yes – they do have a consistent daily mindfulness practice and 22% answered No.

By far the most popular mindfulness practice was meditation followed by breathing techniques and yoga.  I loved this comment and would love to know more about the details of this person’s practice if they would like to pop me an email ( or even reply publicly here as a comment – “I have first thing in the morning, upon waking meditation practice. I have been practicing this one for over a year now. It’s a combination of meditation and visualisation, that allows me to connect to my day, my world and the Otherworld. It allows me to connect to the unfolding magic of the day, as well as training my attention to be present, as I’m doing it. It’s is my No. 1 practice and I wouldn’t and don’t start the day without it. Sometimes during the day, if I’m worried or stressed, I’ll practice other techniques like loving kindness or breathing techniques from mindfulness and my own performance protocols”

It allows me to connect to my day, my world and the Otherworld – I adore this!  As someone who is always seeking that little spark of magic in life – I want to know more 🤩!

I’d love to hear your daily mindfulness ritual if you feel comfortable posting it in the comments here – there is so much to be gained from peeping past the curtains of our own reality.


Week 3 Question:  Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I love this question and I’d expect that there would be a very even split for coaches on this.  However, to make it a little more interesting I’ve gone for a scale measure this week.  We are all on a scale of introversion to extraversion and don’t I know it.  Not everyone is a fan of Myers Briggs but I adore it – I am an EFNP and it felt like someone had just seen into my soul when I read it.  One part that I really resonated with but had never been able to articulate before was that “ENFP’s are the most introverted of the extraverts”.  For the first time that perfectly described my experience – I need both solitary time and people time and I get energy from both but I am definitely more on the extravert side as I find people fascinating and long for deep and true connection.

Right – let’s cast our anonymous votes:


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