I would love to say that I have been a consistent learner but that just isn’t the case.  I tend to be having a bad week where I get very little and poor quality learning done followed by a good week where I am getting a good, honest hour and a half done every morning before I start work.

I am aware that at this rate – I will finish get to the Front End Certification sometime in my 50’s 😀 but am just pleased to be progressing even if it is at a snails pace.

As for where I am now – I am learning about Objects and how to add and edit their properties. This is very cool stuff and I am starting to create my own versions of each of the exercises to deepen what I am learning and internalise it.  Doing the Learning How To Learn course alongside Free Code Camp is brilliant because it is teaching me to slow down and be more deliberate in my learning.

I have been at this stage with Javascript before with various different learning platforms and gotten completely bogged down by the challenges unable to pass them.  This time I seem to be more tenacious – staying at them until I can understand and progress.  I am shutting down the computer when I get frustrated and coming back to it again the next day – allowing diffuse learning to take over while I relax and I really do find that the problem is 10 times easier to solve the next day.

Take away from this week – keepin on truckin…


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