Decisions are difficult.  We all make an infinite number of decisions every day but for the most part we can see a portion of the outcome in advance – if this, then that.  What about the decisions where there is no cut and dried outcome.  You always hear about the chap who took the risk on a startup or fund and succeeded but for every one of those people there must be a balance of people for whom that risk failed.

I am beginning to think that a little time spent as a day trader might be no harm to anyone – to have to make snap decisions with limited knowledge must surely be a life skill that should be thought in our formative years – yet it is not.  Throughout my childhood each juncture was carefully curated by the adults around me.  It is only when you are older that you realise those adults knew no more than you.

The path they put you on was a mirror of their own limited knowledge instead of encouraging you to question and experiment with tough decisions, accept the outcomes and then make further tough, open ended decisions to continue to move forward with assurance.

I’ve always thought of myself as an indecisive person.  I am very open minded and an insatiable seeker of knowledge.  I’ve always feared the road not taken, yet funnily, I do not look back in regret.  So why is it that I am still often paralysed by fear of committing to a decision?

The decision of joining the startup is looming in front of me right now.  I have made the decision not to go for it, a decision that I came to by weighing up the sacrifices I would have to make for the glory of the bright shiny thing.  I know this startup will be a success but it will be long in the making and I am unlikely to be instrumental because of a skills crossover with the founder.  We are kindred spirits though perhaps not ideal business partners for a risky venture.

All good solid reasons not to proceed and yet my mind is constantly reaching for a win-win solution.  A way to be involved and still keep my existing company and dreams.  Life just doesn’t work that way.  I am at a pivotal stage – follow the glamour or follow my slow, plodding dreams to the life I’ve always wanted – financial and location independence.

Clearly the decision is made, I just need to commit to it.

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