Commiting to decisions

Decisions are difficult.  We all make an infinite number of decisions every day but for the most part we can see a portion of the outcome in advance – if this, then that.  What about the decisions where there is no cut and dried outcome.  You always hear about...

Going backwards to go forward

Mistakes and failures can be really painful to relive. Though I am not a person who struggles with regret, I do tend to try to forget the past and move on. The past inevitably has other plans, popping up on the movie screen of my mind and bringing with it the torrent of emotions that are all tied up in reliving it.

Silence & The City

I come from the country where life was always cushioned by silence. A walk to the village was a half a mile where only the languid mutterings of a herd of milking cows could be heard above the rustling of the hedgerows. At night the daylight gave way to complete...

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